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Elysium is a very young company, but it has a very clear vision.
Located in Hamburg it offers a gigantic selection and delivery throughout Europe.
Elysium is a specialist wholesaler whose expertise is not only in exclusive product selection but also in service and personal consultancy.
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Please allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Mario Basari. I am a young businessman from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. In 1988 I came to Hamburg at the age of 14 to attend school and study.
My interest in gastronomy was awakened when I was working in bars during my studies and I soon realised that was where my passions actually lay and dedicate my professional learning to.
Firstly I completed my education in the restaurant business.
After which followed further education as a barmixer, master of bartending, instructor, business administrator in overall sales (CRM system specialist, account manager, marketing head). Further to which I attended various further education courses in graphic design, website design and programming with which I built up fundamental know-how to successfully set up my own business.
Over many years I have built up a great deal of experience and knowledge of the gastronomy industry through work in numerous bars, clubs and restaurants which I know as partner of such an enterprises can now put to use.
I have experienced everything from ordinary catering to star restaurants.
Now I wish to convey the knowledge and experience gained to my customers for them to profit from it too.
When one of my business partners registers success then I have attained my goal.
Coordinated tasks and the optimisation of marketing strategic areas number among my specialist fields.
Should you need such support, do not hesitate to contact me, I am at your service in word and deed.


Mario Basari